Outrageous Love Workshops

The 7th Festival of Love 2019 offered you an unprecedented opportunity to embody Outrageous Love through a unique series of top-notch workshops. Learn more about the workshops of this Summer.


Keynote Teachings

Marc Gafni

Dr Marc Gafni teaches on the cutting edge of philosophy in the West. He is deeply committed to evolving a new dharma; a meta theory of integral meaning that will re- shape key and pivoting points in consciousness and culture.

Marc’s brilliant integration of mind and heart allows for a transmission that is direct and touches people in various and unique ways. For some, it is experienced as an epiphany of the mind. Others might experience a great opening of the heart or feel touched intimately in ways that they might not be able to really grasp or describe. Again others will experience energetic awakenings. And for some, the transmission might be very quiet and take months to land into their consciousness.

Marc’s greatest gift of all is that he loves each person that he meets on his path outrageously and he has a unique capacity to make everyone feel included and addressed. You’ll understand why people call him a spiritual artist.


This workshop is the perfect way to ‘land’ on the first day of the festival. We take an intensive journey through the chakras, awakening and cleaning as we go, embodying and expressing the different qualities. Music is carefully chosen to match each chakra and we use a colourful mix of movement, sharing, energy work and meditation. First, we connect to our own interior, then we connect to the interior of others, as we set out on the road to evolutionary intimacy.

Early Morning Practice

Thomas Jaggers, Claire Molinard, James Bampfield, Simona Muratori

Waking up your body, mind and soul is part of our daily routine. Through various forms of meditation, yoga and Moga Dao Qi Gong you will achieve just that. A wonderful preparation for the rest of your day!

Evolutionary Satsang

Chahat Corten

Every morning, after breakfast, we come together for Evolutionary Satsang. This Intimate gathering is embedded deeply within our community. It is an important tool to build our field of Outrageous Love. Come and sit with us and show yourself, where you are in the moment. Everything is welcome. Your story, your questions, your musings on life, something beautiful you want to show us, something difficult that you want to share or if you simply want to be held by the community. We are all on the same path, be it with different details. It doesn’t matter when or where your journey started. It doesn’t matter where you are on the path…. The only thing that matters is that you are willing to bring your offering in the Light of Outrageous Love. So that the Light of Consciousness will shine on all of us and our meeting will reveal its Gift to us as we sit together in Evolutionary Satsang.

Love in Action

Arnout Horemans

Love in action – or working in flow brings spirituality right into the middle of everyday life. It offers you an opportunity to practice mindfulness through daily activities. Seemingly mundane tasks, such as vacuuming, sweeping or dusting with a cloth, transform into a simple yet powerful meditation that brings you right home: in the blessing of the never-ending Now.

Love in action has many facets. As you practice more often, you will notice that its relevance will become clearer and larger, for the rest of your life. Doing this practice gives you a chance to examine your functioning and behaviour under a microscope. Open your heart and be curious!

Evolutionary Family Gathering and Embodied Practice

Facilitators team

Marc Gafni’s keynote teachings may touch you in unexpected parts of your being. In order for you to digest and integrate the teachings and their loving impact, the release of your Unique Self, a group of experienced facilitators will guide you and hold space in peer-to-peer sharing and learning. This will help the process of integrating the morning dharma. By sharing the highs and lows of our journeys throughout the week, by witnessing and being witnessed, by reaching out for help if necessary and by helping each other, you will be able to reveal your Unique Self in all its divine beauty.

Emerging as your Unique Self: Your Unique Intimacy with Essence

Claire Molinard

The Unique Self Emergence Process is a powerful and practical change technology, rooted in the Unique Self teachings. Its elegant structure facilitates the emergence of one’s Unique Self, that is, the irreducible expression of Source, Essence, that which manifests itself uniquely and intimately through each of us.

This workshop will introduce to you the Unique Self Emergence Process through practices that are immediately applicable in your life. By engaging in a series of core practices, participants will gain an experience of the three main states of consciousness that characterize the journey from Separate Self to Unique Self. You will leave with an embodied sense of your Unique Intimacy with Essence.

The Radical Path of the Outrageous Lover

Kristina Kincaid

What if the body was a doorway into higher consciousness and that our sexual energy was a channel to experience bliss, ecstasy, deep realization and profound healing?

Most of us live in a constricted state of rigid mental constructs and emotional restrictions that keep us locked up in an armored body. We have become pools of stagnant life energy trying to live in the now- through our past. Using cutting edge practices, Kristina helps you to release the layers of armoring and lets your natural sexual and spiritual nature emerge, moving from a stagnant, closed system to an open system of free-flowing life energy. You then can have a direct experience of Outrageous Love in the body. Experience a total body energy activation.

Besides the above workshops, there will be surprise workshops and events throughout the week, enriching your experience even further.

"Making Beautiful Encounters"

In Marc Gafni I finally found a teacher who opens my heart and mind. The teacher who meets my soul. The team offers the warmth, the love and wetness to enable the teaching to penetrate me, my whole being and heart, to fully express my uniqueness and joy.”

– Annie

"The Source Code Shifted"

This Festival of Love is absolutely great! 250 People with their hearts open and super great dharma from Marc Gafni, that is actually lived by this great group of people. The Evolutionary Impulse of Outrageous Love Manifest. The source code shifted. Wow!

– Jan

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