Krista Steenbergen

Krista Josepha Steenbergen

Krista Josepha is our musical muse at the Festival.

She met Dr. Marc Gafni in 2013 at the Outrageous Love Festival in Holland. The dharma provided her with an integral roadmap, including everything she ever experienced or studied. She felt a deep sense of coming home.

She is the Lead Executive Producer of Many Paths, One Mountain, and also serves as the Outrageous Love Ambassador, bringing excitement and enthusiasm for our shared practice: loving our way to enlightenment through writing Outrageous Love Letters.

Through living her unique life she weaves threads between dark and light, human and divine, fulness and void, the holy and the erotic and is super excited to participate in telling the new story of love and sexuality.

In 2014 she graduated as a Religion Scientist, focussing her studies on sexuality & gender. In 2009 she was initiated as a Priestess during a Vision Quest as part of a three year training. Next to that she has studied with many tantric teachers, including two intensive Tantra Teacher Trainings.

Sacred Plant Medicine is a tremendous part of her healing & awakening journey, reconnecting her to the Great Mother and Pachamama.


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