Krista Steenbergen

Krista Steenbergen

Krista is educated as a Religion Scientist and initiated as a Priestess of Love. It is her mission to reconnect people to their soul-purpose and erotic power.

As a loving muse she inspires conscious leaders to reconnect to and manifest their soul-purpose, by awakening their sexual power. In her online community the Sexy Soul Tribe she inspires people to return to Eros in weekly ritual livestreams & many inspiring video’s. The tribe has become a safe space for people to share their vulnerable, raw authentic self and to fall radically in love with themselves.

Every month Krista hosts a Circle of Love, where she guides people to reconnect to source and return to Eros, through music, prayer, meditation, conscious touch and authentic sharing.

She loves to connect to Eros through singing and sounding! Throughout her years of soul searching her voice has gained more and more depth. Her voice will invite you to reconnect to your own vulnerability & sensuality.

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