Claire Molinard

Claire Molinard

Claire Molinard is, together with Marc Gafni and Chahat Corten, one of the co-creators at the Mystery School of Love.

I like to describe my journey as following a trail of breadcrumbs, each one taking me closer to my heart’s yearning to know my true nature. A deep longing to understand the patterns of existence put me on an early path of self-enquiry. In my early 20s, I came across Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga, and I began studying traditional Chinese Medicine. This early dive into Eastern thought and spirituality was instrumental to training my mind to think holistically. I spent my late twenties and thirties following my husband all over the world, being a mother to our three daughters, while working as an acupuncturist. A first powerful awakening experience in my late thirties radically changed the way I perceived reality. This taste of my true Self – the Ocean of Love that animates and drives all reality, was a turning point in my life.

From then on, a gnawing question began to emerge in my consciousness: “How do I put this realization in service to the world?”

I took the Bodhisattva vows, went back to school to study coaching and psychology. I discovered Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, which became the major framework in my work as a coach with individuals and groups, until I met Dr Marc Gafni.
As the proverb says, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Marc’s meta-vision of an evolutionary Spirituality grounded in the depth of his spiritual lineage gave me a deep sense of coming home. His brilliant integration of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions weaved together with the latest discoveries of western developmental and psychological sciences, deeply resonated with me. The Unique Self teachings, called by Wilber the next important chapter in Integral Spirituality, offer no less than a new narrative of identity, post-enlightenment, that can address the issues our world is facing today.

I had found my teacher.

In 2013, and upon Marc’s invitation, I co-developed with Barbara Alexander a psycho-spiritual process to facilitate the emergence of Unique Self-consciousness which we offer to change agents in a nine months certification program as well as use with our clients. As an empowered lineage holder of both the theory, practice, and transmission of the Unique Self Dharma, I am currently holding the Mystery school and Summer Festival space in Europe together with Chahat Corten. My vision and mission are to deploy the dharma of Unique Self, Eros and Outrageous love effectively in service of the evolution of culture and consciousness.

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