Workshops & Facilitators

Workshops & Facilitators

The 8th Festival of Love 2020 offered us an unprecedented opportunity to embody Outrageous Love through a unique series of top-notch workshops. Learn more about the program of this year’s past event, about the workshops and their facilitators. The 2021 program is yet to be announced.


Experience, feel, practice and co-create

Your path to a becoming an Outrageous Lover, to embodying the dharma of the Outrageous Love Festival, takes you along experiencing, feeling and practicing, rather than having you just mentally grasp the essence of the teachings. We are inviting you to co-create, to connect, to wake up, grow up and show up, to discover and live your Unique Self, your divinity, and to actively contribute to a better world, to the evolution of consciousness and Love.

An immersion in Outrageous Love

To help you do just that, the Outrageous Love Festival lets you discover and immerse in Outrageous Love through impactful daily teachings, satsangs, workshops, practices and exercises. These will allow you to make yourself familiar with and integrate the powerful meaning of being and living as an Outrageous Lover. To many, this experience is life-changing, altering their view on reality and their role in its manifestations.

Come and discover how you are contributing to the creation of Reality with your Unique Self. Learn about this dharma that is based on the most profound traditions and yet including the most cutting-edge scientific discoveries and developmental theories. Get a taste of what it means to be radically alive and help to create a world in which Outrageous Love is the standard.

Join us IN 2021