we are creating our new online Programme stay tune !!!


 Join the Outrageous Love Revolution from 10 -14 August, 2020


Reclaiming Pleasure in a Time of Crisis 




From A Crisis of Intimacy and Imagination to Healing Yourself and the Global Intimacy Disorder through the Doorway of Pleasure 




Translating Pleasure Into Loving, Ethical Action





Crisis is a birth!! 


We’re re-inventing the Outrageous Love Festival and imagining new ways to be together by bridging the virtual and the virtue of live encounters. 



Our mission this summer: 


 To boldly  go where no human sangha has gone before.


Get ready for a virtual and in-person intimate experience of depth, pleasure, and Outrageous Love. 

We’re creating a range of templates for how to modulate your experience from a full-time, in-person retreat (create your own Sangha with a group of closed-by friends and tune into the online broadcasts together, do the exercises with each other and more).to a fully online solo-experience – with some pretty wondrous in-between options.  

The days will start with an immersion in Homo Amor Meditation and a deep dive into heart blowing and mind-bending Dharma with Dr Marc Gafni.  

We’ll follow with integration and activation, distributed throughout the afternoons.   

This entire week will be dedicated to: 


  • Discovering how the Art of Pleasure can help us navigate the  new normal 


  • Creating our Unique Pleasure map 


  • Learning to infuse all levels of life and relationships with Pleasure


Get ready for:


  • Embodiment and activation workshops and play-shops


  • Haiku, and poetry writing sessions, love letters and secret chat sessions  


  • online lunch cafes — we’ll provide recipes for healthy dinner, and even have erotic apron contests to make staying at home more fun than ever!!!!


  • Alone time,  and integration in nature


  • Dance parties with the wondrous Wim Mertens aka DJ WIMER


  • Time to connect in small groups, virtual or in perso


  • Q and A evening session with Dr Marc Gafni and so much more!! 






















Throughout the week, there were  surprise workshops and events, enriching your experience even further.




"The festival has had a major impact on my life"

The festival has had a major impact on my life. Listening to Marc’s teachings felt like coming home, receiving the deep holy transmission weaved together with intellectual challenge. The festival is not just a place for personal transformation, but it is a magical field that awakens our unique self so together as a community we can birth a new humanity. The festival feels like my mothership where each year I come home to be with beloved friends, to fill myself up with love, inspiration, knowledge and a clear vision to share in my own work as a teacher & priestess. It is an amazing feeling to be plugged into a dharma and community, transforming the world together, knowing each of our lives has tremendous meaning. Forever grateful for this field of love that nourishes my heart every day!

– Krista

"Feeling radically alive"

For me SFOL is coming home and going home with open eyes and open heart feeling radically alive!

– Jane

"A caring, loving playground"

During the festivals of love, there is a caring, loving playground. Here is the place where I feel loved, needed and invited to investigate if my convictions are still true today. By the practices that are offered, I get new information in my system. As a result of those investigations, I am reclaiming my self love and esteem. I experience my courage, my perseverance and that what I say and do, has an impact on my environment. I am starting to experience that I am less shy in a strange company. I am learning to say what is on my mind and heart. And I have learned the hard way with this beautiful group of people that my need is an allurement for another. Probably you recognize that when someone asks you to help him or her, you immediately say yes. But what happens to you, when you need someone to help you. Do you ask for help? I certainly did not. Too afraid, that I was rejected, considered a pain in the ass, a nag. That I wasn’t worth it. By asking the help I needed, I learned that the pain in the ass, a nag, not worthy are my believes.

– Suzanne

Join us in the summer of 2020