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We live in a world of outrageous pain, and the only response to outrageous pain is Outrageous Love. At the Outrageous Love Festival, you learn how to become an Outrageous Lover, live from your Unique Self, and contribute to a better world, evolving the source code of culture. Become a world innovator and serve the emergence of a new humanity.

Prepare for a radical shift. Change your life. Change our world.

Save the date: 9 August – 15 August 2020

Our theme this year:


  • Reclaim Pleasure as your birthright and overcome any blocks that stop you from experiencing it 
  • Create your unique pleasure map
  • Access the pleasure you were born with to live a vibrant and exciting life with exceptional relationships and love for the world

The Outrageous Love Festival is a seven-day, intimate, joyful and inspiring experience. Join us for the entire week to get the full experience!

We are a vibrant community of people that join their hearts and energy in the evolution of global consciousness by taking a proactive initiative in their own lives and businesses.

The Festival an evolutionary educational platform, that acts as a source of both renewal and inspiration, as we combine our individual transformation with taking an active stand in the world, for the healing and transformation of the collective whole. It is intellectually challenging and spiritually incorrect. It stands out from the spiritual clichés and speaks truth to power with laughter, delight, integrity, and “Outrageous Love”a core term in Unique Self theory and in Cosmo Erotic Humanism as developed by Marc Gafni.


Join us for a week of connection and deep heartful transformation with Dr Marc Gafni, our great team of workshop facilitators and an intimate group of outrageous fellow participants. There’s only a limited number of tickets available, so make sure you don’t miss this unique opportunity to take your life to the next level!

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The Festival

Come and discover how you are contributing to the creation of Reality with your Unique Self. Learn about this dharma that is based on the most profound traditions and yet includes the most cutting-edge scientific discoveries and developmental theories. Get a taste of what it means to be radically alive and help to create a world in which Outrageous Love is the standard.

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Join us in the summer of 2020